Sunday, November 27, 2011

Worst Case Circuit Analysis Without a Computer

Paul Rako / Analog Editor over at EDN posted a story about the Linear Tech – Switching Regulator Universal Compensator Adjuster { }

Years ago (early 90's perhaps) I remember seeing Jim Williams had a decade Resistor and Capacitor box and called it a Worst Case Circuit Simulator – or something like that. And my memory is foggy on this point, I think it was Jim, but it may well have been someone else (Let me know if you remember this better).

I too had used my very old Heathkit Resistor and Capacitor Substitution boxes for this sort of thing, but that gave me the idea to....... make it right.

So I stuck them together and put a “Professional” label on it and called it the “Hagtronics -Monte Carlo Circuit Analysis System”